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N-butyl lithium
Product introduction

N-BuLi (n-BuLi), an alkyl derivative of lithium, molecular weight: 64.06, flash point: -12°C, density 0.68g/ml (20°C), colorless and transparent to yellow liquid, with n-butyl Lithium solutions are most commonly used. The n-butyl lithium solution is a dangerous product, it will ignite spontaneously in the air, it will burn immediately if it comes in contact with water, and it is corrosive. Avoid contact with skin or flammable metals. N-Butyl lithium is a promising new product. It is a good anionic polymerization initiator and a hydrocarbonating agent for the synthesis of new chemical substances. It is widely used in synthetic rubber, new medical antibacterial drugs, AIDS drugs, fragrance synthesis, and liquid crystals. Materials and other fields.

Product category and standards

Cyclohexane solvent (20%; 16%)
Melted solvent (23.6%; 20.4%)

Product advantages

Has 1 authorized national invention patent, won the excellent provincial new product of Jiangxi Province, and presided over the drafting of the industry standard for "n-butyl lithium".

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