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Sec-butyl lithium
Product introduction

Sec-butyl lithium (sec-C4H9Li), molecular weight: 64.0553, flash point: -17°C, density 0.769g/ml (25/4°C), appearance is colorless or light yellow liquid, through chlorinated isobutane and metal Lithium is prepared by reaction in hydrocarbon solvents. The sec-butyllithium solution must be used carefully to avoid contact with water or air. It is easy to ignite spontaneously in the air. Contact with water will immediately detonate the flammable solvent. It is widely used in the organic catalytic reaction of pharmaceutical intermediates, liquid crystal monomers, pesticides and rubber industry.

Product category and standards

Product technical indicators:
Content: 1.0~1.3 Mol/L; Basic impurities: ≤1.0% (max); Covalent chlorine and Cl-: ≤0.1% (max).

Product packaging


1.3M (n-hexane) chemical reagent

Product packaging:

500ml reagent bottle, 30L—500L steel bottle

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