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Lithium oxide
Product introduction

Lithium oxide is widely used in lithium batteries, glass ceramics, lithium chemicals, nuclear industries and other fields. In the field of lithium batteries, battery-grade lithium oxide is mainly used as electrolyte materials for solid lithium batteries and cathode materials for lithium ion power batteries. In the field of glass ceramics, lithium oxide is mainly used as an additive to improve the performance of glass ceramics.

Li2O is white powder or hard-shell solid, ionic compound.
The relative density is 2.013, the melting point is 1567°C, the boiling point is 2600°C, and it begins to sublimate above 1000°C. It is easy to deliquesce, dissolves in water and generates strong alkaline LiOH.

Product category and standards

Chemical indicators:
Particle size: -150μm. The main content is ≥98.5%, Li2CO3≤2.5%. Other indicators are subject to industry standards.

Product packaging

1kg or 15kg per bag, 2 layers of PE inner bag, 1 layer of aluminum-plastic bag sealed packaging, outer packaging with cardboard drum or baking varnish drum. If the buyer has special requirements for product indicators and packaging, they can be determined through negotiation.

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