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Product category
Copper lithium composite tape
Product introduction

The copper-lithium composite tape is a composite processing product of copper foil (or copper mesh) and lithium tape (Li-Cu-Li double-sided lithium). The surface is flat and bright, free of oil spots and other foreign objects, and no visible oxides and Nitrides, without holes, wrinkles, creases and other defects, allowing slight processing stripes and roll marks, are widely used in high-power metal lithium primary or secondary batteries and lithium solid-state batteries or semi-solid batteries.

Product category and standards

Scale: 0.025×100mm(Li)/0.008×120mm(Cu)/0.025×100mm(Li)

Product advantages

Passed ISO9001 quality certification, applied for 18 invention patents, 47 utility model patents, 7 authorized invention patents, 41 utility model patents; the company as the main drafting unit participated in the formulation of national standards 【GB/T20930-2015 《Lithium Belt 》】

Custom service

According to customer requirements, the production specifications can be customized: lithium belt width 50-110mm, thickness 25-50um, copper foil thickness 6-12um range of all specifications lithium belt products.

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