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Product category
Lithium Hydride
Product introduction

Functions and uses: 1. Used as desiccant, hydrogen generator, organic synthesis reducing agent, etc. 2. Used as a source of hydrogen generation in the military. Organic synthesis is used as a reducing agent. 3. In organic synthesis, lithium hydride is used as a condensing agent, reducing agent, alkylating agent, desiccant, and also a good hydrogen storage material. 4. The lithium deuteride in lithium hydride is the source of the deuterium element fused in the hydrogen bomb.

CAS #: 7580-67-8
Molecular formula: LiH
Molecular weight: 7.95
Melting point: 680℃
Density: 0.82 g/cm3
Appearance: white or bluish-gray translucent crystal or powder.

Product category and standards

Chemical index: subject to industry standard, particle size: -250μm.

Product packaging

Packing: 1kg per bag, 2 layers of PE inner bag, 2 layers of aluminum-plastic bag sealed packaging, outer packaging in cardboard drum or paint drum. If the buyer has special requirements for product indicators and packaging, they can be determined through negotiation.

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