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Audit Committee
Release time:2020-05-21

During the Reporting Period, the Audit Committee held 4 meetings to review the internal and external audit findings. The Audit Committee holds a meeting on a quarterly basis to review the work plans, work reports, audit reports on the use of proceeds, regular reports and financial statements submitted by the internal audit department, as well as the internal monitoring framework and risk management of the Company. The Audit Committee submits proposals to the Board for consideration and reports the progress and implementation of internal audit to the Board. At the same time, the Audit Committee communicates with the accountants in time to determine the schedule of the annual audit report, pays attention to the audit process of the Company’s annual financial report, and supervises the audit progress of the accounting firm. After the certified public accountant responsible for the annual review issued the preliminary audit opinions, the Audit Committee under the Board of the Company further reviewed the Company’s financial and accounting statements and was of the view that the financial and accounting statements preliminarily issued by the certified public accountant are true and accurate and comprehensively reflect the financial position and operating results of the Company in 2019. The attendance record of each member of the Audit Committee during the Reporting Period is set out as follows:


Chairman: Huang Sze Wing

Committee member:Wang Jinben、Xu Yixin

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