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Xu Jianhua
Release time:2020-05-21

Vice Presiden

Mr. Xu Jianhua (“Mr. Xu”), aged 51, is the Vice President of our Company and was appointed on 25 June 2012. On 24 March 2020, he was reappointed as the vice president of the Company. He is mainly responsible for overseeing the equipment management and engineering construction of our Company. Mr. Xu has over 27 years of experience in the mineral industry. Prior to joining our Company, Mr. Xu served as an engineer of a branch plant at Jiangxi Salt Mine (江西鹽礦) from September 1990 to January 2008. Mr. Xu joined our Company in February 2008. He then served as the vice plant manager of the Basic Lithium Plant (基礎鋰廠) from January 2009 to December 2010. From January 2011 to December 2011, he was the chief of the manufacturing center of our Company, and then the chief of the material support center of our Company till June 2012. He was qualified as a Senior Engineer in mechanical and electrical engineering in April 2013 by Jiangxi Province Human Resources and Social Security Department (江西省人力資源和社會保障廳). He graduated from the East China Institute of Chemical Engineering (華東化工學院) in the PRC with a bachelor’s degree in machinery and equipment for chemical engineering in July 1990.


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