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Xu Guanghua
Release time:2020-11-26

Independent Non-Executive Director

Mr. Xu Guanghua (徐光華) (“Mr. Xu”), aged 38, graduated from Wuhan University with a doctor’s degree in law in 2008. He engaged in postdoctoral research in the Criminal Law Science Research Institute of Beijing Normal University (北京師範大學) from 2008 to 2011. Since December 2005 he has successively served as an associate professor, professor and doctoral tutor in Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (江西財經大學). In 2018, Mr. Xu was selected into the Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Program of Jiangxi Province (江西省百千萬人才工程), and was granted the title as the Young Jinggang Scholar of Jiangxi Province (江西省青年井崗 學者). He currently serves as director of the China Branch of International Criminal Law Society (國際刑法學會中國分會), a member of China Criminal Law Society (中國刑法學研究會), director of Criminology Research Society in Jiangxi Province (江西省犯罪學研究會), director of Economic Crime Research Centre in Jiangxi Province (江西省經濟犯罪研究中心), an arbitrator of Nanchang Arbitration Committee (南昌市仲裁委員會) and an visiting scholar of the University of Missouri, Kansas City (美國密蘇裏大學堪 薩斯分校). Mr. Xu was appointed as an independent non-executive director on 24 March 2020.


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