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Xu Yixin
Release time:2020-06-17

Independent Non-Executive Director

Ms. Xu Yixin (徐一新) (“Ms. Xu”), aged 50, graduated from East China University of Political Science and Law with a bachelor’s degree of law. She has successively served as lawyer, partner, senior partner of Jiangxi Yuzhang Law Firm (江西豫章律師事務所) since January 2001. She currently serves as arbitrator of Nanchang Arbitration Committee (南昌仲裁委員 會), director of Legal Advisor Professional Committee of Law Association in Jiangxi Province (江西省律協法律顧問專業委員會), executive director of Nanchang Law Association (南昌市律協), director of Criminal Law Professional Committee of Nanchang Law Association (南昌市律協刑事 法律專業委員會), director of Women Work Committee of Nanchang Law Association (南昌市律協女工委), and a visiting professor and MBA tutor of Jiangxi Science and Technology Normal University (江西科技師範大學). Ms. Xu was appointed as an independent non-executive director on 24 March 2020.


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