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Solid Waste
Release time :2020-06-23

All the company's solid waste is stored by category and harmlessly treated. The company's general solid waste includes boiler slag, coal slag, tailings feldspar powder, raw material packaging paper (boxes), etc.. Its hazardous waste includes coal tar, waste oil, waste white oil, lithium residue, etc. For hazardous waste, the company strictly implements the Five-Part Bill management in accordance with relevant regulations such as the national hazardous waste list, and hires qualified third-party agencies to properly recycle and treat it.



Secondary Use of By-products

The company vigorously promotes a circular economy by fully tapping the resource utilisation potential at the end of the production process. We have established an industrial symbiotic relationship with several companies in the cement and glass industries to turn waste into resource. In 2019, the company transferred 961,700 tons of by-products to the downstream for comprehensive utilisation.

In 2019, the company transferred 961,700 tons of by products to the downstream for comprehensive utilisation


Helping reduce carbon emissions in the cement industry

The company's calcium silicate slag, calcium sulphate slag and other by-products contain trace amounts of lithium, which can effectively enhance the strength of cement as a cement additive, and thus is welcomed by downstream cement manufacturers. The cement industry is a traditional high carbon emission industry. The application of the company's by-products in the cement industry can help the cement industry reduce its carbon emissions. In 2019, the company provided 540,000 tons of by-products to the cement industry, which is equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 93,700 tons.1

1 The calculations were based on the data from Conch Cement 2018 Annual Social Responsibility Report.


solid waste management

In 2021, Ganfeng hosted a training session on solid waste management. We communicate solid waste management methods to subsidiaries and assign environmental management responsibilities to every position, so that we can classify solid waste more effectively and minimize the impact on the environment.


Environmental protection in global projects

The Mariana project adopts the PRO-MA-12 Waste Management program. Almost 100% of the organic waste is disposed of and 100% of the discarded plastic films are recycled. In order to maintain the local ecological balance, the Company has established protected natural areas around the Mariana Salt Lake. One of the most important protected areas is the lake area in the northwest, which is the habitat of the protected species Andean flamingo. To this end, we have specially emphasized in our environmental protection measures that during the breeding period of the flamingos, human access to the protected area must be restricted to the possibly greatest extent.

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