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Natalia Rojo

My name is Natalia Rojo. 

I joined Ganfeng in October 2018 as General Management Assistant. I had previously performed in HR and General Management areas as an assistant in a major silver-mining company so the transition from a hard rock ore mining company to a lithium brine company represented a huge challenge for me and a very pleasant opportunity to learn about the fascinating world of lithium.

I think Ganfeng is the greatest example of how a company can shift from being a small-scale lithium company to becoming a top leader lithium company in the world in such a diligent and solid manner. This speaks genuinely of great vision, deep understanding of the business, and an agile and committed work culture.

My work in Ganfeng has been aligned to Ganfeng’s mission in bringing added value to General Management and HR areas by coordinating and planning the settling of our offices based in Salta, Argentina and help to create a leading team from scratch. When I came on board, I was responsible for getting local offices set up and look for the best talent in management within the mining industry. I was also part of a collaborative effort so that Ganfeng could acquire more properties in Argentina to continue exploration. I proudly continue my work here by assisting the management team to enable Ganfeng to thrive its way through by taking its current exploration project into construction and exploring new investment opportunities in Argentina.


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