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Ye Ming

Ye Ming
Engineer of R&D Department of Technology Center
Outstanding Management Staff of 2019

"Ye Ming is a very good R & D personnel, with the characteristics of an excellent R & D personnel, the experimental process analysis is very detailed and comprehensive, good at discovering and solving problems."
—— Liao Cui

Ye Ming and Hu Bin are somewhat similar. Ganfeng Lithium, who joined together at the beginning of 2016, both chose to work in their hometown after graduating with a master's degree and joined the technical center together. In their words, R&D is the research of technology and process, and engineering design is how to realize the researched process, so there will be many intersections in the work. What's more worth mentioning is that they have the same professional development experience in Ganfeng.

The initial sense of helplessness in the profession is enough to make them remember.

The first project Hu Bin did was the pilot plant of Glauber's salt crystallization, responsible for the site management. "As soon as I entered the site, everything felt too unfamiliar. I had never touched it in the school. I didn't understand anything. When asked by the construction staff about'what is the elevation', I never heard of it. It was so embarrassing. I was what they said. “On-site managers who can’t read the drawings”. For a long time, I dared not slosh on the scene or appear in front of the installers. After many debuggings, the energy consumption did not reach the expected value and stopped. For a while. At that time, when I passed by and saw the pile of iron, I thought, was it my bad luck or something, the first project was made like this, there was no perfect ending."

"I really wanted to quit for a while, and I felt too stressed."

"Later, the supply of lithium hydroxide was in short supply, and this device was reopened, creating a lot of profits for the company. I walked through this device again and thought about it again. It was pride."

As for Ye Ming, we talked about the experience that he once applied for transfer from the technical center and returned to the technical center three days later. He dodged a little bit. I guess he can't let it go. He said: A project is very difficult. If you get stuck here, you will collapse.

Afterwards, you will be moved by their excitement and happiness by listening to them.

The lithium iodide R&D project was proposed in October 2008, and stopped in the middle. It was put on the research and development schedule again in April 2016. Ye Ming provoked the project and finally completed the process research and development in October 2019. The project was officially established in March 2020. In 12 years, this road has been too long. The unremitting efforts of several generations of Ganfeng R&D personnel have continuously explored experimental schemes, analytical methods, and process routes, constantly denying and searching. Ye Ming introduced to me the calculation of the design capacity and economic benefits of this project. In Ganfeng’s dazzling array of lithium product supermarkets, lithium iodide will definitely shine and you can see it at a glance.

Ye Ming said: The fun of the experiment is to make a little bit of breakthrough, a little bit of getting closer and closer to the goal, the biggest joy is to get feedback on qualified samples.

Engineers must experience the tempering of engineering projects, from design to construction management to commissioning before they can grow and be qualified. Hu Bin has also worked hard and struggled in this direction. In the past four years, he participated in many projects and grew up with the company, from newcomer to assistant engineer to engineer.

When interviewing Hu Bin on the construction site of the third phase of Ma Hong, he pointed to the Ma Hong factory, which was out of sight, and said: "Look, Ma Hong is building up one factory after another. We are involved in construction. When I came, I thought that this building was designed by him, this building was designed by me, and I feel full of accomplishment. It doesn’t matter no matter how much you pay and pain during the construction of the project. The moment the project gets through the process, it’s fun. It’s all worth it."

I asked them how to persevere after shaking themselves?

"The master said that everyone grows up in the same process. You don’t understand, you make mistakes, and you feel hopeless. You have to learn to find gains in your work. The sense of accomplishment you gain will make you like this job slowly. I like it, I’ll calm myself down and be able to persevere."

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