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Development history
To write a new chapter over the next 20 years
Development history
Ganfeng Lithium Group covers a wide swath of the lithium battery supply chain, from lithium resource development, refining and processing to battery manufacturing to battery recycling. it’s the Company’s products are widely used in electric vehicles, energy storage, 3C products, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. The Group's lithium resources are located across the globe and it is the only Company in the lithium industry that has the commercial scale technologies to extract lithium from brine, ore and recycled materias. The Groups lithium compound capacity ranks third worldwide first in China, and is the worlds largest lithium metal producer. The Group has complete battery manufacturing and recycling technology, providing sustainable value-added solutions to battery manufacturers and electric vehicle manufacturers.
  • 2021

    Invested in Goulamina spodumene project in Mali

    Acquisition of Guangdong Huichuang New Energy

    Establishment of Ganfeng Sichuan and Ganfeng Fengcheng

    Introduction of strategic investment of Ganfneg LiEnergy

    Signed Product Supply Contract with Tesla Shanghai

  • 2020



    增持阿根廷Minera Exar、墨西哥Bacanora股权,加速上游布局




    马洪工厂、宜春工厂等多处生产基地通过IATF 16949 及 ISO 9001认证


  • 2019

    Investedin the equity of Bacanora Lithium PLC and acquired a 22.5% project interest in Sonora Lithium, a lithium clay project based in Sonora, Mexico.

    Signed a strategic cooperation memorandum with VW to supply lithium chemical products to VW and its suppliers over next decade

    Signed a long term supply agreement with BMW

    Automatic mass production of TWS earphone battery

  • 2018

    Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (01772), becoming the first Chinese lithium company to be dual-listed.

    Signed a supply contract with LG Chemical to supply chemical products for LG Chemical

    Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with BMW Germany to supply lithium chemical products for its designated battery or cathode material suppliers

    Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Tesla, and its battery suppliers for battery grade lithium hydroxide products from Ganfeng

    Form a Joint-Venture with Lithium Americas to develop the Minera Exar lithium brine project in Argentina.

  • 2017

    Investment in Pilbara Minerals
    Investment in Lithium Americas
    Construction of the first generation of solid state lithium battery R & D pilot production line

    Expand the capacity of lithium hydroxide, lithium carbonate and power battery

  • 2016

    Acquisition of Jiangxi Western Resources Lithium Industry Co., Ltd. and obtaining the rights and interests of spodumene ore in Heyuan, Ningdu
    Jiangxi Ganfeng Recycling Technology Co., Ltd. was established to promote the recycling of waste batteries
    Set up solid state battery research and development center, and built automatic polymer lithium battery production line

  • 2015

    Invest in Reed Industrial Minerals (RIM) Australia and acquired the rights and interests of its Mt. Marion spodumene project.

  • 2014

    Investment in Mariana lithium Project in Argentina

    Invest and establish Ganfeng Battery Technology Co., Ltd. to enter the downstream of lithium industry

    Investment in Blackstar spodumene project in Ireland

    Production of battery grade lithium hydroxide

  • 2013

    Constructed a 10,000 ton lithium salt plant

  • 2012

    Completed the development of battery grade lithium hydroxide

  • 2011

    Invested in the International Lithium  Corp.  and and established a map to increase ownership of upstream mineral resources;

  • 2010

    Listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange, becoming the first publicly-listed lithium Company in China.

  • 2009

    The first domestic production line for directly extracting battery grade lithium carbonate from brine has been built;

  • 2007

    A production line for extracting lithium chloride from brine in Salt Lake has been built;

  • 2005

    Construction of the first "Comprehensive Laboratory of lithium mica resources development" in China

  • 2004

    Constructed the first commercial n-butyl lithium production line in China

  • 2003

    Constructed the first lithium metal production base

  • 2000

    Ganfeng Lithium established

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